How Pineapple Fights Against Mucus

Would you ever have imagined that pineapple juice was able to loosen mucus so much more effectively than regular cough syrups that are prescribed by doctors and can be purchased at the pharmacy? In order to prove it, there have been several scientific studies conducted which have shown that, in combination with other ingredients, this tropical fruit can be considered one of the most effective remedies for a cough, sinusitis and most other disorders that deal with mucus and phlegm, especially those that are concentrated in the frontal region of the head and ears. Pineapple juice, specifically, is able to dissolve the mucus up to five times faster than classic sinus relief medicines.

Natural Benefits of Pineapple

Another benefit of this miraculous natural ingredient is that it’s highly regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties and for its ability to combat cellulite due to its ability to naturally drain of excess fluid.
But that’s not all, because pineapple is also one of the best sources of vitamin C, an important vitamin that can help the respiratory system, ensuring for better operations, fight free radicals, which are now known to be responsible for aging, and fight tumours of all different types. Even still, pineapple can also help ward off gingivitis, particularly if we use its active ingredients in concentrated doses. This active ingredient is none other than bromelain, an enzyme that has the special properties able to counteract inflammation, but at the same time, accelerate and promote healing in the presence of ailments and facilitate the absorption of proteins from the body. Another advantage of bromelain is to dissolve blood clots, preventing the risk of thrombosis and aneurysms. We have to remember, though, that this enzyme is present mainly in the stems, which in reality, is typically removed before eating. In short, if you want to enjoy all the beneficial properties of this fruit, it is recommended to keep the stem. It is no coincidence that the pineapple is considered in the Amazon to be a very powerful natural medicine. But how can you take advantage of it’s properties as a mucolytic?

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