How Remove Calluses And Prevents Its Formation

Have you ever spent all day on your feet only to come home to find them sore and swollen? If so, you are in the majority of people who have calluses and hard skin. It doesn't matter how comfortable your shoes are, spending hours each day on your feet, as many of us do, will take its toll. No other part of the body suffers so much wear and tear and yet many of us neglect to pay the same kind of attention to our feet as we do to our hair or our skin. Imagine if you had to walk around on your hands all day, think about how sore they would be! Pedicures, while becoming more common place, are still considered a luxury rather than maintenance of an area that supports the weight of the whole body. However, even if you don't regularly visit a salon, there are many things you can do at home to treat and prevent calluses.

Wear comfortable shoes

It is often said that prevention is better than cure and probably the best way to reduce the incidence of calluses is to wear comfortable shoes. Most people take this to mean sports shoes, however what it really means is the shoes that are the most comfortable for you. Like the rest of us, there is no one size fits all when it comes to shoes and, depending on the shape of your foot, what will rub and cause discomfort will vary from person to person. The general rule is that shoes should be a snug fit, if shoes are either too lose or too tight, the friction from them rubbing will cause blisters and lead to calluses. If you find that you cannot find shoes that are good exact fit for your feet, chiropody felt, which can be bought at most pharmacies, is an ideal way to create an extra bit of padding.

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