How Sharing The Joys Of Fatherhood Can Possibly Save A Life

With Instagram and Imgur spawning thousands more photography enthusiasts every day, our need for the visual has become more and more pronounced and in some ways, it gives us an audience to share our dreams and hopes with. Nonetheless, occasionally an innocent baby photo can cause a bit of a stir in the commentary section, and sometimes that stir has life-saving results.

A new life

Instagram, Imgur and Reddit are all sites that see thousands of new uploaded photos per day. Because of the hashtag symbol, people can now browse specific photos that they want to see. The baby sections of these sites see millions of viewers sign on every day, and one such user, a father to a newborn baby girl, couldn't help but share his joy and pride. He uploaded a photo of his tiny infant daughter, who was cutely dressed in a white and yellow towelling robe, with a pretty hood covering her vulnerable head. The picture became something of a internet viral hit, with many parents leaving complimentary comments in the comment boxes below. Often people don't have time to read through a million comments, but this Dad went to the trouble of reading them all, as he was so proud of his little bundle of joy.
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