How Sharing The Joys Of Fatherhood Can Possibly Save A Life

The joys of social media

Social media gives us a platform to inform the world at large of our achievements. These sites allow us to share pivotal moments and because we have immediate access to modern information technology, the urge to share gets to us all. Among the favourite posts and shares, uploaded snapshots of our nearest and dearest still garners the most likes. Babies and animals are firm favourites because they have that feel good factor. Who can resist the glowing smile of a new born baby, or a cute fluffy kitten getting up to some fun antics? While many say social media has its negative side, these uplifting images are sure to keep and gain popularity as long as we can snap just about anything with a smart phone.

Baby fame

We've always been fascinated with baby photographs since the beginning of time. Baby snapshots have the ability to evoke powerful emotional reactions, simply because they remind us what life is really all about. Our obsession with baby photos perhaps comes from not having access to such good camera facilities that can produce pictures immediately and of such great quality. Perhaps our fixation with baby photos also comes from having so few of ourselves.
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