How To Brighten Your Nails With Toothpaste

If years of smoking have tuned your nails yellow, you might be surprised to find there is an effective remedy to clean them up: toothpaste. Yes, you heard that right. The same thing that helps to clean your teeth can help clean your nails, too, and it doesn’t take much, either.


Believe it or not, it might be enough to simply run a bit of toothpaste on your nails for several minutes, spreading it around evenly with an old toothbrush that you no longer use. Once it’s in place, just massage it in. After performing this treatment, however, don’t rinse right away. Let it sit for a minute to create the desired effect. Once it’s been on your nails for a minute, rinsing with peroxide will help to remove that ugly shade of yellow. With this DIY trick, your nails not only become whiter and brighter, but they grow stronger, improving their resistance.

Denture Tablets

This is not the only trick that you can use to make your nails cleaner and brighter, either. An alternative solution to toothpaste is actually to use denture cleaner, available at any supermarket. In fact, denture cleaner contains numerous active substances that remove the stains and hard surface. The procedure is very simple. First, dissolve the denture tablets inside a bowl of warm water, making sure to follow the directions and instructions on the label. To make sure you get the proper effect, make sure the tablet is completely dissolved. Once it has totally disappeared, you can immerse your fingers in the water for four to five minutes. Once the time is up, rinse with a little bit of water and dry with a soft cloth. This treatment should be repeated once a day so that the appearance of the nails will improve with the passage of time. Within a few weeks, the results will prove to be nothing short of amazing for optimal aesthetic. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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