How To Build A Can Stove For Camping.


Step 1: Cut the Top of the Can Off

The first step in building your Coke or Beer can stove is to remove the top part of the can. There are various methods to achieve this, some safer than others. If you have access to a can opener, removing the top is as easy as opening any other can. However, when hiking or camping in the woods, tools like this aren’t necessarily readily available. In this case, a sharp knife can do the trick, but it must be said that it’s important to take extra precautions to avoid injuring yourself; wearing a good pair of gloves is a great start. With the can sitting up straight, holding it steadily in place with one hand, slowly insert the knife into the top edge of the can. Once the knife had punctured the top, you can begin slowly cutting around the rim of the can using a sawing motion.
Once you’ve worked your way around the edge of the can, remove the top. At this point, it may have fallen into the can, so be careful when reaching in to retrieve it as the edges you’ve cut are now very sharp.

Step 2: Cut the Can in Half

Once the top of the can is removed, you can begin cutting the can in half lengthwise.
Begin by laying the can on its side. Using the same sharp knife, puncture the halfway point of the can and continue using a sawing motion around the circumference, turning the can as you need to. Make sure that the cut is in a straight line and that both the top and bottom of the can are even. If you have access to a pair of sharp scissors, you may find using them is easier and safer to cut the majority of the way after making the initial puncture with a knife.
Once the two halves are separated, be careful and take note that the newly cut edges are very sharp. Because the top half of the can will eventually be inserted into the bottom half, take a minute to straighten out the edges if you find that they have bent inwards from the cutting. It will make the following steps much easier.
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