How To Build A Pool With 10 Pallets For Only 70 Euros


Is it really possible to build a beautiful swimming pool with just ten pallets and 70 euros?

Summer is almost over and the nights are drawing in, but for most of us the dream of having a swimming pool in our back garden is one that will never die. Obviously, this dream is out of reach for those of us without our own gardens, but if you have a little patch of land you could actually build one surprisingly cheaply, with just a little thought and planning. Of course, a large heated swimming pool will always involve spending a considerable amount of money, but Torben Jung has recently demonstrated that a basic but functional pool can be yours for very little cost. Jung, who is from Germany, posted pictures of the pool he built online, and we found you really can build a decent pool with the pallets and recycled material purchased for just 70 Euros.

So, how exactly do you set about building a pool so cheaply?

The first step is to get hold of a large piece of tarpaulin, and lay it down in the area you want your pool to be. Then, place the pallets alongside each other to form the base of the pool. The next step is screw the pallets securely together and add additional pieces of wood to strengthen the structure. Once this is finishes, you will need to line the interior with a waterproof liner, and you will need plenty! You will then need to staple the lining to the pallets. A normal staple gun is ideal for this purpose. And that's it! You could add a water pump to keep your pool clean but this is not absolutely essential. You could also use plywood to form an outer lining that looks more attractive than the pallets, but again, this is not strictly required.
Some knowledge of engineering and DIY will definitely make this project easier, so if you are a complete novice it might be an idea to get a friend or two to help. Jung, for example, used the joints of old pipes to help hold all the pieces of wood together and prevent the structure from yielding under the force of many thousands of litres of water.
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