How To Create Single-Serve Herb & Olive Oil Cubes

Preparing food can be a chore. In order to get it just right, cooking can often prove to be difficult, a little messy and very time consuming. When in the thick of it, it’s tempting to want to cut corners to speed up the process, but when dealing with food, it doesn’t always produce the most desired results. That’s not to say you can’t prepare ahead of time. Stowing away ingredients you know you’ll soon need in the freezer early helps cut down on preparation time when you really need all you can get. How to Create Single-Serve Herb & Olive Oil Cubes One of the simplest things you can prepare for a dish ahead of time are the herbs. While they may only be a small part of the process, this is what will give your meal the flavour you want. Freezing your herbs together with olive oil will leave you with a small little cube that can be thrown in any dish, no hassle and no mess. Plus, it’s so easy to do — all you’ll need are herbs, olive oil and an ice cube tray!

Preparing the Herbs

When selecting the herbs of your choice, it’s important to make sure they are fresh and firm. Doing this will ensure that when it comes time to cook, you’ll be getting as much flavour as possible. Because the herbs will need to fit inside the sections of an ice cube tray, you’ll want to chop them finely to get as much in each as possible. If the herbs you’re working with have small enough leaves or sprigs, like rosemary or thyme, you can simply pick them from the stem without chopping. When adding the herbs to the ice cube tray, don’t be afraid to mix them up. Different combinations will create unique flavours that may even surprise you. Add as many or as few herbs as you desire while making sure that there is still enough room in the tray for the oil — 2/3 full is an ideal marker.

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