How To Determine The Colour Of Your Baby’s Eyes

In the Western world, most babies are born with beautiful blue eyes that captivate everyone who looks into them. However, as they grow up, the iris of most babies’ eyes darkens and in many cases can even change colour completely. This is perfectly natural and is part of your baby’s development. Trying to predict what colour eyes your baby will have can be part of the fun of watching it grow up. Here are some ways to determine what colour eyes your baby will have.

When the Eyes Change

Your baby’s eyes will most likely change a few times before they reach their final colour. The most dramatic changes in eye colour occur when the baby is aged between six and nine months old. The first change is that the eyes will probably become significantly darker. Many subtle changes in the eye colour of your baby can be seen all the way up until they are three years old. In fact, for around ten percent of people eye colour can continue to change even after they reach puberty, and this change can be both subtle and very dramatic, depending on the individual. Although there is a chance that the colour of your baby’s eyes could lighten again as they become older, this is very rare.

All in the Ethnicity

The eyes of African, Asian and Hispanic babies are nearly always dark brown when the child is born. This born colour can become even darker as the baby develops to that the irises of the eyes appear to be almost black. Conversely, Caucasian babies usually have light blue or grey eyes when they are born. The eye colour change in Caucasian babies can be very dramatic, as well as unpredictable. For mixed race babies, the colour of their eyes can be even more unpredictable. If the mother or father of the child has light blue eyes, the child may be born with blue eyes that quickly change to brown. However, it is more likely that they will have mid to light brown eyes that will stay roughly the same colour as the child grows older. Because the gene that makes brown eyes is dominant, babies who are born with brown eyes do not usually experience colour change. However, the natural brown of the child’s eyes may darken and even become close to black, depending on the ethnicity of your child.
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