How To Identify Fake Euros

If you have one or two Euros in Rome you should be careful lest you will be caught carrying fake currency. Police are pursuing the issue and have issued an alert to citizens to heighten vigilance when receiving money. Always observe the money to confirm whether it is fake or real.
The ratio between real and fake Euros is small, meaning you will very rarely find one. However, this does not mean the fake Euros are non-existent. You need to learn how to manage situations in case you come across fake Euros, which are easy to identify if you have knowledge regarding the same. Nothing can stop counterfeiters from printing fake Euros, so the money will always be circulating. Those who are not keen on scrutinizing the money they receive are the biggest culprits and if you are not careful you will definitely incur losses. No one wants to lose money in this manner and this is the reason understanding everything about Euros is necessary.
Although not every person will understand how to immediately check whether the Euros are fake, there are tips you should always remember to avoid getting fake currency. Below are some of the ways you can quickly verify whether Euros are authentic or fake.

Check watermark

All Euros come with a watermark image that is only visible when you hold the bill against light. If the Euro is fake, you will see the image, which should otherwise be watermarked, printed and can be seen even when not held against light. Also note whether there are color transitions and imbalances, which should indicate fake money.

Hologram image

Every valid Euro should have a hologram image depending on its denomination. The hologram is made either as a vertical stripe to the right of the note, or a rectangular stripe. When tilted, you can note changes in the way the image appears. For valid Euros, the hologram should change upon tilting to show a complete portrait as depicted on the size of currency you are dealing with. A fake Euro does not have a real hologram and the image does not change after tilting. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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