How To Identify Your Face Shape And Pick A Hairstyle That Suits It.

Choosing a hairstyle is not just a matter of fashion and preference. There's a style science you can employ to help you select the most flattering hairstyle for your facial shape. These ten tips will help you know your face shape and choose a hairstyle which will suit it, as well as show you what styles to avoid.

1. How To Identifify Your Face Shape

How To Identify Your Face Shape And Pick A Hairstyle That Suits It The shape of your face will fall into one of 5 basic categories: long, heart, round, oval and square. Pull your hair back from your face with a hair and and look into a mirror to help identify your facial shape. You can even use a lipstick to draw the outline of your face on the mirror to help you, or take a photograph and use a digital editing tool to draw around the outline of your face.
Long: a long face is characterised by a long, straight cheek line and is longer from the hairline to the chin than the width across the cheekbones at the widest point.

Heart: a heart shaped face is wide across the forehead and cheekbones, and narrower at the chin.


Round: a round shaped face is roughly circular with its width roughly equal to its length.

Oval: an oval face is longer than its width, with smoothly curving cheekbones and a similar width to the jawline and forehead.

Square: a square face is recognised by a strong jawline and a broad forehead, with a straight line to the cheekbones.

2. Ask Your HairdresserHow To Identify Your Face Shape And Pick A Hairstyle That Suits It Don't be afraid to discuss your face shape with your hairdresser. A good stylist should certainly have studied face shapes and styles in their training, and be able to give you advice on the most flattering style for your face shape.

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