How To Look Naturally Gorgeous In Ten Easy Steps.

Ever wondered how celebrities manage to look effortlessly beautiful even when emerging from a long haul flight or making an early morning coffee run? Despite appearing to have just woken up, this is not how they look first-thing in the morning. There might be a few very young, very blessed who can leave the house without wearing any make-up and still look passable, but the reality is that even the most naturally gorgeous need a little help. The good news is that even without a team of experienced make-up artists you too can achieve a naturally gorgeous look with our top ten tips.

1 Prepare your canvas

How to Look Naturally Gorgeous in Ten Easy Steps The key to getting a natural glow is to have well prepared skin. A good exfoliant followed by a rich moisturiser will give you a soft, moist base on which any primer, foundation, concealer or tinted moisturiser will sit well. If you have any facial oils or serums, these are particularly good to use instead of a cream moisturiser as they plump up the face and create a dewy effect allowing the pigments in your foundation or tinted moisturiser to spread evenly over the skin. If you have an uneven skin tone, a colour correction (cc) cream can help smooth this out. Lastly, by applying any concealer underneath the foundation you will ensure that your blemishes and shadows are concealed evenly under the foundation and not highlighted on the surface, even if using a light reflecting pigment.Hint: Use a brush to apply concealer in order to blend it in

2 Colour match

Ensure your foundation is a good match for your skin tone, nothing screams made-up like having a different coloured neck and face. Many cosmetics companies now produce ranges with variations in pigments depending on your skin tone, so regardless of how pale or dark you are you can achieve the correct colour for your complexion. How to Look Naturally Gorgeous in Ten Easy Steps If you are blessed with naturally clear skin and small pores, a blemish balm (bb) cream or a tinted moisturiser can substitute for a foundation. Rather than purchase a separate tinted moisturiser or bb cream, some women prefer to use their own foundation and dilute it with a little primer or moisturiser, particularly if it has been colour-matched to their skin tone. If you are going to incorporate any contouring then it is imperative that you use a colour palette that matches your foundation.

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