How To Make A Homemade Lamborghini


Making a Lamborghini at home sounds totally bizarre and most unlikely but, for those with the time, technical expertise and inclination to take this on, it's very achievable outside of the Lamborghini factory in Italy. This is the challenge that Mohammed Reihani, an Iranian engineer, took on in his own garage but could he recreate the precise technology and sleekness of a brand that's so iconic and the pinnacle of engineering in racing and supercars that's worth a small fortune?

How to make a homemade Lamborghini

We learned the story of the incredible homemade Lamborghini through a site called, and Iranian news agency and a reliable internet information source. The report identifies the brilliance of the skills and creativity of Mohammed Reihani, who comes from the province of Khorasan in north-east Iran. The outstanding design and build of this classic sports car is that it resembles a real Lamborghini, with a real body and colour match to one of the Lamborghini colours, albeit without an engine.


Everything else is precise to the point that we wonder if the car was actually made in Italy rather than Iran. The next challenge for Mohammed, after building the engineless car, was to find a name that encapsulated its luxurious design and its origins. Mohammed decided to name his creation Persian Gulf and that it was too good to spend its life in the garage so he decided to take the car on an exhibition tour over 2 weeks in September 2015 visiting various Iranian cities and showing the car off to many excited admirers who loved the first-hand experience of the way the car looked and felt when they climbed inside.

But Mohammed didn't stop there. He entered his car into a sponsorship contest where it was carefully scrutinised by experts. The contest was held by Damehr International Sponsorship, an Iranian company based in Tehran, Iran's capital, and which had previously bought the rights for 1 year to the Lamborghini Aventador, launched in 2011.

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