How To Make A Pair Of Shoes With Flip-Flops

1. Introduction

Although the summer heat is ideal for those who hope to get a tan, there can be a few drawbacks. For example, the scorching rays of the sun can be painful on the feet. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to wear open-toed shoes and allow their feet to breathe while providing them with all of the care that they require. For the summer season, there is nothing more convenient than a pair of crocheted slippers. They are very easy to construct and allow for a superior air flow. This enables your feet to stay cool and dry when the temperatures rise.
Amongst the other advantages which are a result of this type of footwear, we should keep in mind that the entire shoe will be firmly fastened to the foot. The heel remains secured in place while the tension on the toes is relieved. If such aspects are then combined with the low-cost nature of the sandals themselves, it is clear to see why we should take a look at how such options can be constructed. This is also a great technique to display shoes which are cute, simple and yet extremely comfortable. You will feel more at ease while capturing the attention of others. In other words, there is no need to frequent a shoe store and spend additional money. Assuming that you are aware of all of the basic techniques, crochet sandals can easily be created at home during a bit of your spare time.

2. The Materials to Make a Pair of Shoes with Flip-Flops

Thankfully, all of the items which are needed to make these sandals can be easily found around the home. You will require a pair of scissors, an awl (a small, pointed tool), a pair of crochet blockers and a pair of flip-flops that are slightly smaller than your normal foot size. Other materials such as approximately 100 metres of spun cotton, one "G"-sized crochet needle of 4.5 millimetres and a "B" needle of 2.5 millimetres. Once you have obtained all of these items, you can get to work immediately.
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