How To Make An Amazing DIY Wooden Picture


Preserve your most treasured photos

Creating your own wooden photo transfer is an imaginative way to decorate your home, adding a twist of your own personality by using a photo you adore and want to put on display to preserve the memory (e.g family, pets friends, places). Making a wooden photo is both easy and rewarding and all you need is:

- Your photo in whatever size you choose. If using a home printer, this will usually be A4 size. Print off your photo in reverse as you're going to be placing it face down on the wood and you'll want it to face the right way when it’s revealed on its flip side. Perplexed? Don't be! It will make sense as you go through the entire process! Print your photo in 300 DPI on a laser printer, using reasonably thin paper as this will make it easier later in the process when you need to rub the paper off.


- A piece of light coloured wood matching the size of the photo. You can choose any wood you like and the thickness is up to you. It could be chunky or thinner, it really doesn't matter as what's important is that you like it and it matches your home's interior style.

- Matte gel medium, which you can buy in an art store. This adds texture, enhances colour, and increases transparency as it dries with a translucent satin or matte finish.

How to make an amazing DIY wooden picture

- Mod Podge glue in the finish of your choice. Mod Podge is widely used in arts and crafts as it's safe and non-toxic. This water-based sealer glue gives either a gloss or matte finish, depending on your taste, and is ideal for providing a finished textured look.

- 2 brushes to apply the matte gel medium and the Mod Podge.

- A little water and a cloth to rub off the photo paper once it's set onto the wood.


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