How To Make And Preserve Dried Fruit

Dehydration is one of the best ways of storing food while maintaining its nutritional value. Fruits are perishable products that should be stored well if one intends to keep them longer. Dried fruits offer a good source of nutrients and are filled with minerals and vitamins. They also contain natural sugar, which is good for the body. There are numerous methods you can use to dry your fruits. This is a great way to keep your harvest feeding you and your family throughout the winter.

Choose fruits for drying

Not all fruits are suitable for drying, so you should keep your focus on the ones that are able to offer excellent results. Such fruits include:
  • Fruits like grapes and kiwifruit. Grapes can be used to produce different types of dried fruit. There are sultans that are sourced from a seedless green or white grape, and raisins like muscat that come from the sweet and large grapes.
  • Tree fruits also fall in the category that can be dried well. Mangoes, bananas, apples and figs also offer a perfect choice.

Preparing for drying

Choose the ripe fruits and berries and wash them clean using water. Check for blemishes and remove any if found, also ensuring you remove stones and pits from the fruits. For berries, remove all stems. Finally, you should cut and slice the fruits evenly to ensure they take the same duration to dry.

Remove skins

Some fruits will dry better if the skin is peeled off. Peaches, apples and nectarines will dry uniformly if the skin is removed. First score the bottom of the fruits to make a shallow “X” using a paring knife. Transfer them into boiling water and wait for 30 seconds. Fill a basin with ice water and immerse the hot fruits and the skin will slip off easily. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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