How To Remove A Stuck Ring In 5 Seconds!

Rings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry we wear, but once they’re put on, not much thought is given to how they will be taken off. A ring tends to be the one adornment that can stay on through most everything we do, but when the time comes to remove it and it doesn’t budge, panic can quickly set in. But there is no need to fret — there are many ways to remove a stuck ring without cutting it off and these tips and tricks take only a few seconds.

Try Removing It With Your Other Hand

The first approach to removing a ring that’s stuck on your finger is to try pulling it off with the opposite hand. Using you’re index finger and thumb, try sliding it off by gently rocking it back and forth. Be careful to not use too much force as you can risk making things more complicated, causing swelling that will make it even more difficult to remove.

Use a Lubricant

If simply pulling the ring off does not work, you may want to make things a little easier by adding a lubricant. By adding a slippery substance to help reduce friction, you give yourself a much better chance of removing the ring in one fell swoop. Popular choices of lubricants are vaseline, hair conditioner, baby oil and soapy water. These items can likely be found around the house and will not cause any irritation to your skin or any harm to the ring itself.

Elevate Your Hand

To increase the odds of removing your ring, you may even want to try elevating your ring hand. By raising your hand above your head, blood drains away from your fingers, reducing the swelling that may be preventing the ring from moving. Try holding it up for a few minutes to give yourself the extra bit of wiggle room that will hopefully aid in a successful removal.

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