How To Repair Damaged CD Or DVD


If you’ve ever owned a compact disc or DVD, at some point, you may have had to deal with unreadable media due to the scratches on the CD. These scratches can actually be removed using some simple home remedies. The good news is you won’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning kits even if the CD persistently gives reading errors.

Compact discs are quite tough to repair when compared to floppy discs. On the positive side, they are not affected by the plastic coating and magnetic fields on each side of the disc. CDs are resistant to spilled drinks, fingerprints, and other contaminations.

Did you know the most fragile side of a CD is not the laser side? You probably thought it was but it is actually the label side that’s most vulnerable to scratches. This side is the nearest to the reflective coating that takes care of the recording.

This coating is vital to the functioning of the disc and consists of only a thin lacquer protection. The laser side on the other hand is protected by a thicker plastic coating that’s designed to minimise scratches.
If the CD suddenly refuses to play, it needs to be checked for dirt, scratches, or fingerprints. Wipe the laser side of the disc from the middle part outwards using mild soap and water. Make sure you gently wipe and not rub the surface as you could cause further damage to the disc. Never immerse discs in water for cleaning purposes and most importantly, don’t put them in the dishwasher!


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