How To Save Electricity By Defrosting Your Freezer

2) Clear out all food: Once you’ve unplugged your freezer, make sure to clear out all food to keep it from unfreezing or spoiling from the water. Ideally you should store it on another fridge; if that’s not practical you can just work fast and get everything done in a couple of hours, in time to put the food back into the clean fridge before it thaws.
Now for the actual cleaning work...
3) Remove shelves and drawers: This makes it much easier to wash them separately, as well as making it easier to clean the freezer. Do not be lazy and try to clean the shelves inside the freezer, since that will inevitably take more time and produce a poor result. 4) Removing the drain tube: Most freezers have a drain tube inside to collect any running water. You should clear out this compartment and remove the drain tube for separate cleaning, since it will often feature build-ups of ice.
5) Watch for puddles: While doing the steps above, there’s a change that water may spill out from the freezer, which can cause annoying puddles which aren’t practical to clean. To minimize this effect, consider placing several newspaper sheets below the fridge to soak in any excess water that comes out.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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