How Would You Like To Live In A Pop-Up House?


Have you heard of a Pop-Up House? If not, you’ll be amazed to know this 150m² house takes just 4 days to build and costs around 38,000 euros. Anyone looking for quick and easy family accommodation can find the ideal solution in this prefabricated design, which is the work of Multipod Studio, a company based in Marseille, France. The environmentally conscious will be pleased to know that the Pop-Up House is very environmentally friendly and fully recyclable! Better still, you don’t have to be a construction expert to assemble it, just a simple screwdriver to assemble the various panels.

The basic concept of the Multipod design is quick and easy assembly, even for those who aren’t comfortable with DIY. There’s a full instruction manual but this house won’t confuse anyone who tried to assemble it. It’s really very simple, made from a series of prefabricated wooden panels, plus insulation to keep out the cold, that slot together like Lego.


Other major benefits include its low cost and the little time in building it. Buyers can spend more on the basic materials such as panel thickness but the average price works out at about 200 Euros per square meter of wall panelling. The overall price is made up from the basic price per square meter, plus costs for the manufacture and finishing including weather proofing, electricity, plumbing and heating.

Multipod Studio designed the Pop-Up House to take into account the lifestyles of the modern family and to meet their every need. The design was created for the environment, including energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. As time and money are of the essence for modern families leading busy lives, the speed of assembly of this prefabricated structure at an attractive price was always a priority when designing it.

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