How You Hold A Fist Says A Lot About Your Internal And External Personality.

Each person on earth has a distinct personality they boast of. Others may not as well realize their real traits and values until someone passes the message to them. Scientists have over the years conducted research and come up with amazing procedures that can help one to learn about one’s personality. One of the experiments that have proven useful is using the way one holds a fist to describe different external and internal personalities. Below is a break down on each of the three methods of holding a fist and what each says about an individual.

Method A: Thumb lying on the index finger

In method A, people who hold their fists in this manner are said to have a sensitive external personality. They are also insecure and have a strong imagination. It has been proven scientifically that people in A category are more worried about losing things they have or are about to get. The research also reveals they feel vulnerable hence the desire to be looked after and protected against any turbulent forces. One more thing about group A individuals is they fantasize a lot about different things and are keen on details that could affect their well being.
Their internal personalities include the need to be protected and treated with sincerity. This makes them a little impatient and will not easily bother about trifles. The feeling of being recognized and respected coupled with the fear of being used by someone is also among things group A individuals exhibit. If you belong to this category, you will realize sometimes you are too nice, thereby giving others a chance to use you, while you only demand sincerity. You will easily choose between who treats you well and those who don’t because your intuition is also keen on picking the right people. However, when it comes to love matters you are not good at expressing yourself because you are too engrossed into treating people well. You are not good at crafting lies since your personality is more inclined to offering honesty and receiving a similar experience from those you meet.

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