Humour Or Heartless?


I love you … but I love tea more

Prankster Brad Holmes played a joke on his girlfriend Jenny for Valentine's Day. He went down on one knee, pulled out a ring-sized box - then just as his girlfriend was expecting to hear a proposal, asked her to make him a cup of tea. And of course, he'd filmed the whole thing for his YouTube channel, which is full of pranks he's played on Jenny and his dad. So perhaps his girlfriend wasn't all that surprised that the proposal turned out to be fake - or maybe she was in on it. It's all about getting subscribers and monetising your "talents". Besides, the couple had only been dating for six months, which is a little premature for deciding you want to spend your life with someone.

Sauce for the gander

But where there's a prank, there's a scope for revenge - and if you play a joke on someone, you can't really be surprised if they decide to get their own back! Shortly after the fake proposal went viral, Jenny got her own back by convincing Brad that she was pregnant. Of course, just as with the original prank, you have to wonder if the couple cooked up the stunt between them.

Fame and Facebook

We live in a time when people can become famous for very little other than a talent for self-promotion, as demonstrated by the fact that Brad has 500,000+ Facebook followers. Some of those followers also showed how immaturely and aggressively people can behave on the internet; any comments on the Facebook page criticising the stunt as cruel were met with foul-mouthed insults and 'it's only a joke'. His YouTube page has many similar comments. The inference is that everyone is obliged to find his videos, which often make Jenny out to be stupid, hilarious - and if they don't, they're lacking a sense of humour.
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