Ibuprofen Painkiller - A Healing Aid Or Harmful Hazard?


Chickenpox virus

Most children will have contracted chickenpox by the time they're ten years old and that's why adults don't usually get in again. Chickenpox tends to break out during the Winter and Spring seasons, which causes it to run rampant in nurseries, schools, and toddler groups alike. The symptoms of chickenpox are easy to identify due to the trademark rash break out; angry red blisters which crust over into unsightly scabs. The most difficult symptom is a constant urge to scratch the itch they cause. Because the rash only appears about two days after the illness is at its height, it's difficult to stop it from spreading to others. A high temperature and general malaise are often the beginning symptoms of pending chickenpox, so when Hayley Lyon's son Lewis was diagnosed with the virus, she naturally reached for Ibuprofen as a treatment.

Allergic reaction

Lewis Lyons, a young boy from Warrington in the UK, was prescribed Ibuprofen when he presented with the chickenpox virus, to alleviate his fever and inflammation symptoms. The doctor who prescribed the over-the-counter medicine told the boy's mother to buy a children's version of Ibuprofen. Hayley Lyons reported how she gave her son the correct dosage but his condition seemed to worsen almost immediately. Instead of his fever going down and his rash dissipating both seemed to intensify. Eventually, she took him to hospital. There he was finally diagnosed with a severe blood poisoning, which doctors say was caused directly by the Ibuprofen dose. The concerned mother felt propelled to warn other mothers and posted pics of her son's terrifying condition on Facebook. Thanks to her quick thinking, this situation might be averted in the future.

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