If This Father Had Not Removed Her Mirror, He Would Have Never Discovered His Dead Daughters Secret

Athena Orchard was a lovely young girl, originally from Leicester, England. One of her favourite hobbies was working out and staying physically active, especially in the sport of boxing. She also loved spending time with her six sisters and three brothers. Just before Christmas, however, the twelve year old discovered she had a bump on her head. She didn’t think it was anything serious to worry about, that is, until she passed out in the kitchen one morning. Shortly after, doctors gave the devastating diagnosis: bone cancer.

A Shock To Her & her Family

During a long operation which lasted seven hours, doctors removed a tumour from her spine. Later, Athena underwent an intensive and exhausting cycle of chemotherapy. Normally overflowing with energy, she became too weak to even get out of bed.
“She has always remained optimistic and she told me not to cry”, her mother said. “We knew the cancer was very aggressive… and she fought as long as she could”. Unfortunately, shortly after her thirteenth birthday, Athena died, surrounded by her loving family.

A Miraculous Discovery

A few days after the death of Athena, her father, Dean, packed up all her belonging. While removing the mirror from her wall, he discovered something on the back. Written from top to bottom, a long message had be left by his dead daughter. “I could not believe it. It was very long, about 3000 words”, said Dean. I was completely blown away. I started reading it, but after a while I had to stop. I was just too much to take. My heart is still broken”.
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