If You See Your Child Sit In This Position, Stop Them!

Growing up, children learn many things quickly: first to crawl and to sit up, then to walk and eventually run. In their first years of life, they spend so much time on the ground that the act of sitting up is one of the first movements that form their muscles. Long before they learn to walk, every child must face the challenge of building the strength to hold their bodies upright.

A New Study

But the doctors of Penfield Children's Center, in the United States, have found that children can begin very quickly to assume awkward postures. The so-called art of sitting with legs in the “W shape", for example, is a position that children are drawn to and love to do, but is actually quite harmful! The small position involves putting their knees forward with their legs on either side, toes pointed out.
The scientists at the University of Louisville, in the United States, found that children who suffer from cerebral palsy tend to assume this position naturally. Often, children suffering from this disease have underdeveloped or deformed muscles and they sit in this way because the movement requires minimal effort.

Serious Consequences

As for healthy children, this position can be very damaging. When assuming it, in fact, children do not use their muscles and consequently, they don’t form properly. In adulthood, this underdevelopment may lead to problems with their joints, tendons and back. The children sitting with their legs in the “W shape” will not be able to rotate the upper part of their body without much difficulty. This is because the knees and hips are in fact found in a non-natural position and they fail to maintain this position for very long. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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