If You Suffer From Eye Tremors, You Should Read This! Here’s What It Means!

Have you ever felt as if one or both of your eyes were trembling? Maybe you’re reading, trying to focus and your eye just won’t stop twitching? What is it that causes this little “tick” to happen, anyway? Is it a symptom of a much more serious or harmful condition? These are all very common questions that are asked when one suffers from this particular “twitch” of the eyelids.

Who Does This Affect?

Trembling and twitching of this nature generally occurs in the lower eyelid and the medical term for it is actually called “blepharitis”. The twitch consists of small and involuntary contractions of the orbicularis oculi muscle of the eyelids. Though it can affect both genders, it is more common among males. In fact, this physiological phenomenon is not a twitch, but a tremor, and is caused by and overload of nervous tension.

What Causes Eyelid Tremors?

There are several causes for eyelid tremors, but the most common are stress and a lack or sleep. Though the tremors can be annoying, especially when trying to concentrate, they represent no risk or danger to your overall health. But if, however, the twitching sensation becomes annoying and particularly intense, you may want to get a referral or consult with a neurologist, a doctor whose area of expertise is in dealing with the nervous system.

How Long Do The Tremors Last?

In most cases, the eyelid tremors are only temporary. However, if the twitching becomes constant, lasts more than a week or begins to involve other areas of the face, you will want to contact your doctor immediately and they will be able to address the issue or refer you to a neurologist.

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