If You Thought Your Parking Was Bad, Take A Look At These.


It’s raining cars

This photo raises a lot more questions than it answers. How did this car end up parked on the roof of this lakeside bungalow? Has the ladder been placed there to let a driver escape and if so, were they unhurt? Did Santa get an upgrade from his sleigh to a silver saloon? Did an airborne vehicle fall from a plane and end up embedded in the roof? The car is facing outwards so it didn’t leap there from a neighbour’s rooftop, unless it was powered backwards into the roof. It certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to be driving away any time soon.

Did the garage shrink?

There are several possible scenarios to this parking fail. It could be that guy on the left is experiencing a mid-life crisis and has just come back from a spending spree that involved buying a top-of-the-range motor to replace his small and boring car. Caught up in the thrill of his shiny yellow purchase, he forgot that he lives in a tiny house with an equally tiny garage. Alternatively, he could be a rich guy who is slumming it by visiting his poor relations and just cannot believe that there are people in the world who live without huge double-doored garages. Whatever the reason, he doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of physics as he tries to squeeze his prized possession into this too small space.

Once, twice, three times a failure

You get incompetent parkers who can’t manage to fit their cars inside the lines, selfish parkers who take up disabled spaces that they aren’t entitled to and rebellious parkers who think that rules are made to be broken and see hatched yellow spaces or ‘no parking’ signs as a personal challenge. This Chevrolet driver has managed to combine all three in one crazy package and has left his vehicle at an angle across both a disabled bay and an area hatched out with yellow lines as a no parking zone. Let’s hope he didn’t break as many rules while doing his shopping!
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