Images Before A Catastrophe


23. The ball-swallowing dog

A happy and content dog sitting on a bench thinking his owner wants to play ball with him. It’s too hot for the dog to get up and run around though. So what does he decide to do? He opens his mouth so wide that the ball will no doubt find its way into his stomach. This is an image before a disaster, for both the owner and the dog. The photographer has captured the moment the ball is thrown towards the dog, making it quite clear what’s about to happen. We think an emergency trip to the vet is on the cards.

22.Smile for the camera!

The man in this photo is standing by the pool posing calmly for the camera. Behind him, there are three women chatting with each other. However, their conversation is so deep that the lady in white clothing who’s standing by the edge of the pool looks like she is about to fall backwards into the water. The man in front of the camera will soon realise what’s about to happen when he gets a big splash of the water on him. This is a scene no photographer would want to miss.

21. Practice your diving at home

This man is a novice diver who wants to get plenty of practice in the comfort of his own home. He thinks he can successfully dive on the inflated mattresses without hurting himself. This image captures the moment before a disaster. In this instance, he will probably end up with some injuries as he may bounce back from the mattresses onto the floor, or even hit his head against the staircase! On the flip side, he may bounce up and down until he gets dizzy. This is nothing a quick trip to hospital won’t sort out though.
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