Incredible Photos That Show There Could Be Life On Mars

10 - Disused warehouses

NASA’s Curiosity space rover landed on Mars in August 2012 and, since then, has been relaying some amazing images allowing us to further explore Mars. What we’ve seen so far has been wondrously fascinating and full of mystery. A few of the images sent back to earth by Curiosity seem to depict the ruins of old buildings. Closer inspection appears to show us a series of abandoned warehouses that look to have been ruined by the gales blowing across the planet. The presence of these warehouses makes us want to believe that there may have been life on Mars at one time. We go on to imagine people using these buildings on a daily basis for industrious purposes, possibly millions of years ago, but then it could just be our imagination running away with us! We think we see buildings but, in fact, we’re seeing nothing more than a rocky outcrop on the surface of Mars that resembles crumbled buildings from a distance.

9 - A skull and other relics

One of the most talked-about and spooky images captured by Curiosity appears to show a fragment of skull lying on its left side. A closer look at the image leads us to believe that this skull is indeed human, which makes us believe there could have once been life on our near-neighbour red planet. We imagine how the people living on Mars might have looked and could conclude that Martians were of similar appearance to us especially as, next to the skull, we can also pick out some bone fragments. There also appear to be numerous artefacts scattered in the vicinity of the skull. Perhaps this is the remains of a tomb or some kind of ancient burial ritual where the deceased were laid to rest along with their possessions, a little like the customs on earth in ancient times? However, interpreting the image in this way causes us a problem because, if we think about a skull lying on the surface of Mars for a while, our illusions are shattered when we realise that, on such a windy planet, an ancient skull would have long since been blown away! Mars experiences constant gales accompanied by sandstorms which would erode and destroy any objects lying on its surface. Unfortunately, the skull we think we’re seeing is merely a trick of the camera.
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