Indian Rape Victim Dies After Years In Coma.


After 40 years in a coma, as a result of being raped and choked, an Indian nurse has died. Aruna Shanbaug, was the victim of a ferocious attack in 1973, by a fellow worker at a hospital in Mumbai India, where she was working. She was left paralysed and severely brain damage. For 42 years, she was kept alive by being fed through her nose. She developed pneumonia a week ago and passed away after complications set in.

Indian Rape Victim Dies After Years In Coma The death of this nurse has once again raised issues about India's euthanasia laws, and the system that has continually rejected pleas for her to be allowed to die with dignity. She survived being sodomised and strangled with metal chains, only to spend the rest of her life in a hospital bed. Journalist Pinki Virani, who has published a book on the nurse, called Aruna's story said: "My broken, battered baby bird finally flew away. And she gave India a passive euthanasia law before doing so." The book describes how Shanbaug's condition had steadily got worse over her 42-year ordeal. Twitter was buzzing with an outpouring of sympathy for Aruna Shanbaug after news of her death was reported around the world. The general feeling that has come out of most of the Tweets is that she should have been allowed to die much earlier. Most people agree that because there is no 'right to die' under Indian law, her misery has been compounded for almost half a century. One person Tweeted that this case has highlighted everything that is 'wrong with Indian society.' The parents of Shanbaug died several years ago, but other members of the family have remained in contact with her. In 2011, a case that was presented to the Supreme Indian Court argued that she was already virtually a dead person, and should be given the right to die. This was however, rejected. If there is something that can be gleaned from the incident that is positive, then it is the fact that there now does seem to be some easing of the restrictions on euthanasia in India. Ms Shanbaug's assailant, whose name is Sohanlal Bharta Walmiki, was not charged with the rape because, in India at the time, the act of sodomy was legal. He was charged instead, with attempted murder and robbery and served a seven-year sentence. He has since been freed, and although attempts have been made to find him, has never been traced.

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