Innovative Ironing - How Aluminium Foil Can Halve Your Workload


What do I need?

Before we start, you'll need a few things so we've compiled a list for your convenience. You'll probably find you have all these items in your house already.
  • A sturdy, (preferably wooden based) old-style ironing board.
  • A regular iron. (Don't worry if it doesn't have steam function facility).
  • Innovative ironing - how aluminium foil can halve your workload
  • A large roll of regular kitchen aluminium foil. Try to purchase one that isn't designed for small kitchen appliances - long and wide.
  • A traditional ironing board cover made from natural fabrics and threads.
Now all you have to do is place a large sheet of aluminium foil on the ironing board making sure to cover the full surface, shiny side up. Now put the ironing board cover over the aluminium, to make sure it stays in place. The next step is to prepare to iron so plug your iron in and wait until it reaches the required temperature.

What does the aluminium do?

Aluminium foil keeps heat in and that's why we use it in the oven. It reflects and deflects heat and is a great protective material. You may have seen A & E staff on television programmes putting aluminium foil sheets over accident and emergency victims who are in shock.
Innovative ironing - how aluminium foil can halve your workload
The foil causes heat to generate. So, when you place a sheet of this invaluable material beneath your ironing cover, it reflects back the heat which is generated from the hot iron. This ensures the other side of the garment is ironed at the same time, so you don't have to turn it over again. It cuts your ironing time in half, so you can get on with more of your leisurely pursuits.

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