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Interesting Photographs That Might Not Be What They First Appear


Daring selfie girl

How does this rank as a dangerous selfie? The girl in the photo seems happy enough and it has to be safer than the latest selfie craze sweeping America; having a bear in the shot! The intriguing thing isn't the pose, it's the danger encountered by the subject getting into position. Whether she is doing it for an almighty adrenaline rush or just to get a fantastic selfie for the folks back home, one small slip and it would be curtains. It is difficult to identify the site, a man made monument in South America or Southeast Asia would be my guess.

What a whopper!

Ever dreamed of catching that whopper? Never in your wildest dreams did you ever imagine that it might look like the one in this photo. Look at those teeth, reminiscent of the medieval torture machines called the Iron Maiden. The Lee Marvin lookalike is certainly exercising some strength in hauling the monster, which is clearly still alive, clean out of the water. The background suggests we are looking at a freshwater fish. It doesn't look like a Beluga Sturgeon, the biggest river fish in the world. It could be a Mongolian Terror Trout or Taimen. Whatever it is, keep arms and legs well clear.

Danger sign

Though too small to make out, this is obviously a sun visor in a car bearing a warning sign about properly affixing child seats and the potential dangerous consequences of not doing so. We encounter similar warning signs everywhere but how often do we actually read them let alone take any notice of what they say? When did you last read the signs on public transport instructing what to do in case of an emergency? Who reads those long list of what not to subject your latest gadget or gizmo to? As the old saying goes, always read the label!
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