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Car emissions and global warming

Global warming was once a theory we heard about on our TV screens and many of us discarded the information citing it as scientific hearsay. However, it's now a startling fact of life and one that can't be ignored. In recent years, our climate has been steadily changing at such a speedy rate of knots it's safe to say that increasingly poor weather conditions are not just a probability but a sad certainty. If environmental experts are to be believed, rising sea levels that cause flooding will get worse. It's worth noting then, that a fifth of all emissions causing these conditions, comes from cars, trucks and lorries that stifle our motorways. Becoming aware of how we affect our climate and how we negatively (and often unknowingly) contribute to it, is a topic which has demanded much discussion. As the human race has become completely dependent on motor transport it's hard to start thinking of alternative commuting methods. The car is not just viewed as a means of getting from A to B. It's become a status symbol too. Many view the comfort and style of a car as a fashion accessory and many more are reluctant to curb their spending habits in the quest for something bigger and better. In this competitive marketplace, it's difficult to curb enthusiasm for luxury vehicles that are effectively destroying our planet. Having said that, steps are being taken to protect our gaping ozone layer and while leading world democrats debate at global warming summits, there's lots an individual can do to make earth more hospitable right now at this very moment. Going green and becoming aware and conscious of daily habits requires painstaking effort and tough commitments. Many countries have returned to using bikes, some barring the use of cars in heavily digested towns and cities altogether. Some have gone back walking. But what if there was an environmentally friendly alternative that doesn't throw us completely out of our comfort zone?
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