Is This World’s Most Incredible Bridge?

On August 9, 2015, China launched a scenic highway dubbed the most incredible bridge in the world. The highway connects Xingshan County with Yiba Expressway and allows high speed cruising. What was initially an hour’s journey has been reduced to 20 minutes across the magnificent bridge. Most of the motorists who have been lately using the route are visitors from other countries, who are there to enjoy the beautiful engineering and scenery around it. The bridge is built in a river and follows its curves until it joins the main highway to the city. The 6.8 mile motorway was first proposed in 2013 with three possible routes before the finally settled on having it follow the course of the river.
Initially, the engineers wanted the road to pass through the mountains, which would involve digging and interrupting the natural form of the land. This was discarded and they decided it was better to do it on water, although this would mean doing a longer route, just to protect the woodland in the mountains.
The beautifully crafted water stretch highway cost around 2 million Yuan ($320, 000), an amount almost half of the 4.4 million Yuan ($700,000) allocated for the overall construction of the highway. Chinese readers issued mixed reactions regarding the opening of the bridge, with a big number supporting the idea and citing this as a sign of harmony between humans and nature. On the contrary, there were individuals who were of the opinion that the highway should have been tunneled through the mountain because that would offer a cheaper option.
China has been working to ensure projects like this adhere to the need to conserve the environment and this seems to have been achieved quite well. Engineers have been working tirelessly to see that nature is conserved fully despite any human activities. Such a bridge is also seen as a benefit to the economy as it attracts visitors, who either want to experience the amazing cruise through the highway, or just to see the creative engineering that led to the construction of the bridge.
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