ISIS Launches An Attack On Paris; Warns More To Come

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (more commonly known simply as ISIS) is the radical Islamic terrorist group causing all of the buzz in the Middle East as of late. With countless deaths attributed to their tyranny throughout the Middle East, as well as religious and minority persecution, the use of child soldiers and many other human rights violations across the globe, it's no wonder everyone knows the name 'ISIS'. Just recently; however, an attack led by ISIS in France's capital of Paris has left at least 129 dead (with more confirmed kills constantly given by authorities via regular updates), sparking promised retaliation from France.

The Attack

The bombing started outside the local football stadium where a match was currently being held between Germany and the home team. Two suicide bombers with explosives attached to their vests had killed themselves and others in the vicinity of the football game.
Some time after, militants armed with guns in a car unleashed fire upon several restaurants and bars throughout Paris. Afterward, it made its way to a local theatre where the militants unleashed fire once again, killing several dozen civilians at a rock concert.
The militants occupying the car in question were each wearing an explosive vest. Some of the men had killed themselves with the explosives while some were killed by Paris' police force. The attack was said to have been planned from outside France's borders, though individuals within the country are said to have been responsible for actually carrying out the attack.
129 - 160 deaths are said to have been a result of the attacks, although the confirmed death toll is still climbing, with a higher official head count released on a near-hourly basis.
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