Iskra Lawrence - The Plus-sized Model With A Plus-sized Personality


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Plus-sized models have been hitting the headlines more than ever, as women the world-over, are giving them their unparalleled support. The popular rise of the plus-sized model started in the USA when the fashion industry and catwalk couture cronies came together to realize a universal truth; most women don't fit into a size zero outfit and, more importantly, most women shouldn't. One would think we can finally wave goodbye to the size zero phase and the models who once made it trendy. After all, who can forget the first time Kate Moss appeared on our TV screens in a Calvin Klein ad, bearing her scrawny shoulders and waif-like waist? It was a pivotal moment in fashion history and one that spawned a thousand more lean-bodied models to take to the runways and act like they owned it. Since then, the raging controversy about extremely thin models has dominated online newsfeeds. Most have come to agree that these models do not promote a healthy physique. Indeed, there have been many sad stories regarding super-slim models and their untimely deaths have left us all confused and angry. Despite the outrage regarding stick-thin models and their adoring fans desperate to emulate the size zero fashion fad, some would say the thin=happy message is still being portrayed through mainstream media. Even more worrying is the fictitious dream it pretends to sell; you too can look like this. Maintaining a minuscule waist and insect-like legs can only be achieved through starvation, and/or with the help of a surgeon's scalpel. The truth about the matter is a very different story. This is precisely why we love it, when a plus-sized model like Iskra Lawrence decides to take an unusual stance and tell that story with courage and conviction.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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