Japanese Facial Fitness Pao- Changing The Face Of Cosmetic Couture

It's not often when one looks in the mirror and is entirely satisfied with the reflection looking back at them. If anything, the mirror is an excellent fault-finder, that dishes out an endless monologue of harsh criticisms; I wish I was thinner, taller, fairer etc. The analysing of our bodies is an art form in itself, but when it comes to dissecting the face we are our own greatest enemies;my nose is too big, my chin is too pointy, my teeth are not white enough. We've all been there. The small defects with which we are all acquainted (wrinkles and dark circles), can be treated by a variety of cosmetic treatments. But what about bigger issues like the shape of one's face?
Altering the landscape of an exceptionally round or chubby face is virtually impossible without the help of a surgical procedure.
Modern make-up is so advanced these days and can cleverly disguise our cherub-shaped cheeks using a technique called "contouring". Nonetheless, this isn't a permanent solution for many and noticeable results aren't always a given. Perhaps the Japanese have finally come up with a non-invasive alternative with their new invention;the Facial Fitness Pao.

What is Facial Fitness Pao?

The Facial Fitness Pao can be viewed as a revolutionary cosmetic tool. It's specifically designed to help those who wish to change the shape of their face without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. That's quite a claim to make. The exercise instrument has a certain novelty aspect about it but it also has an element of the downright bizarre. It's basically a device that promises to thin the face and define cheekbones. The Japanese makers claim that by using the Facial Fitness Pao, and following a regime of regular, specific and targeted facial exercises, the instrument has the power to stimulate certain muscles, which in turn can sculpt the face into submission.
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