Joan And Craig - A Love That's Bald And Beautiful


When love strikes

Joan and Craig Lyons have known each other for a long time; twenty-seven years in total. The couple who are both forty-four years of age, had always been close friends, but Craig secretly harboured feelings of love for Joan for all that time. Whilst they were on board a Mersey ferry boat, Craig decided to break his lifelong silence, and express his feelings to Joan by declaring he had been in love with her from the very beginning. The couple decided there and then to commit to marriage, despite Craig having been diagnosed with fatal pancreatic cancer. Because of Craig's illness, time was of the essence and after the gift of a wedding charity, shared details of the pending wedding on a social media platform, a number of local wedding business' stepped forward to help the couple make their dream come true.

Saying I do

Joan who campaigns for cancer charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Zoé’s Place hospice and Woodlands Hospice decided to use their wedding day as an opportunity to raise awareness and do some fund-raising. She shared on social media pages how she was marrying Craig on 15th April and that she planned to shave her head in a show of solidarity, support and love for her betrothed. After their wedding ceremony, the couple went on to celebrate their evening reception at the Isla Gladstone. A close friend of Joan’s, and Craig's barber shaved off Joan’s hair to the strains of "Ferry Across the Mersey". The emotional tribute was captured by a local photographer. We can't think of a more beautiful and poignant way to say "I love you" and we wish them every happiness.
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