Just One Teaspoon Of Cinnamon And Honey Daily To Have A Healty Body


Consuming just one teaspoon of cinnamon and honey every day can give almost unimaginable benefits to the body. The mixture is so simple, yet so effective, that it is the perfect way to prevent many diseases and to relieve the discomfort of a number of physical ailments. Not surprisingly, this combination of ingredients has been used for a long time by Chinese medicine and by Ayurvedic medicine.

The mixture combines the beneficial qualities of cinnamon, which is one of the oldest spices known to mankind, and honey, which has been used in many medications as long ago as in the time of ancient Egypt. A teaspoon of honey and cinnamon is actually two natural remedies, by virtue of the positive effects that both ingredients have on your health.

As one example, let us look at how this mixture can prevent or treat heart disease. If you start every day with a breakfast that includes a paste made with cinnamon and honey that is spread on toasted bread or whole wheat bread, you will reduce the risk of getting a stroke by lowering the level of cholesterol in the arteries.

This sweet toast topping can also be useful even for those who already had to deal with a heart attack, as regular use of cinnamon and honey in the kitchen will regulate the rhythmic movement of the heart and make the heart muscle stronger.

A teaspoon of honey and cinnamon per day will also let you to say goodbye to arthritis. Drinking a cup of hot water flavoured with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and two teaspoons of honey, once in the morning and once in the evening, will improve and relieve chronic arthritis.

Adding a spoonful of cinnamon and honey to a cup of warm water will also counteract stomach acidity and improve digestion, especially if the mixture is taken about twenty minutes before lunch or dinner. Even the heaviest of foods will be made easier to digest in this way.


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