Just Washed The Floor But The Grout Is Still Dirty? Here’s The Solution!

A floor with dirty grout joints leaves a bad impression, even if it has just been washed. The cleaning of the joints is very important to give off a fresh look to the floor and to make sure that it lasts longer, helping to bring back the brilliant shine of a new floor. Depending on the type of floor you have and of the material used to fill the joints, you can use different techniques. We will now take a look at both of these. It’s recommended, as always, that every time you use harsh chemicals, it’s important to wear gloves to protect the skin. Both disposable and regular kitchen gloves for washing dishes are appropriate in this case.

First Method

Cleaning the grout joints with a mix of baking soda and vinegar is an ideal choice for removing discolouration that creates opaque marks on natural stones, like marble. It’s also perfect for stoneware, ceramic and cement tiles. Here’s how to do it, step by step:

1. Combine three parts of baking soda and water to create a paste that is slightly abrasive.

2. Smear the paste with your fingers onto the joints that appear dirty.

3. Fill a spray bottle with a solution of vinegar and water in equal parts and spray the joints. You will notice a reaction that forms bubble, indicating the cleaning has begun.

4. Wait until there are no more bubbles, then begin to scrub the joints with a brush to remove the dirt, loosened and weakened by the effervescence.

5. Remove the paste from the floor with a paper towel or absorbent cloth.

6. Rinse the floor simply with warm water and then dry it, making sure there is no remaining residue on the tiles.


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