Katie Price Looks Fabulous - But What's Happened To Her Feet?

Katie Price is known for a lot of things: her time as a glamour model, her interest in horse riding and her charity work – but now she's in the news for something else: the state of her feet! Not that there's anything wrong with them, as such – but what's got people talking is the way they appeared in a recent Instagram photo. Price posted the snap of herself and her daughter Princess a few days ago, and given her worldwide celebrity it was hardly surprising that the image was shared by millions of fans within hours of being published.

Something's not right here

That's what the star's many fans felt when they saw the photo in question. Princess looked adorable with her long, blonde hair cascading down the back of her flowery pink outfit – chosen by Price to perfectly match her own – and the image itself was the perfect picture of a loving mother and daughter. The older Price, though, was another story, thanks entirely to those feet. They were, as you would expect from someone like Price, in excellent health and free from any wrinkles or spots – but it looked very much as though they were the wrong way round!

Fans puzzled and confused

Several of those who commented on Price's Instagram photo made the point that her feet looked as though they were on the wrong side – with her right foot on her left leg and vice versa. It certainly looked strange, especially from a woman so careful of her appearance, and one with millions of fans worldwide admiring her look – and, in some cases, rushing out to copy it as best they could. One fan said he'd "stared ... for ages" at the picture – but that time paid off, as he did eventually work out what he was seeing.
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