Keep Your Drains Fresh And Unclogged With These Tips And Tricks

Every home, whatever its age, can occasionally be blighted by drain problems. Kitchen sinks and showers are particularly vulnerable to blocking up, especially if we're not careful about debris from our various washing processes that allow debris and other nasties to free-flow down the plug hole. Buying unblocking agents and strong chemicals or, even worse, having to call out the plumber can all be costly and, in the case of buying DIY chemical solutions, not always 100% effective or environmentally friendly. Most drains in homes have crossed metal pieces built into the flange that hair and other debris cling to and gradually build up on.
Chemical solutions generally burn a hole in the centre of the blockage without effectively cleaning the sides so the majority of the gunk remains and a plumber will use a special tool like a snake to clear and clean the drain. Thankfully, there's a very resourceful tip that can be successfully used by homeowners to unblock their drains that's not difficult, is safe, involves minimum 'kit' and even less elbow grease to get the water draining away normally again and restore harmony to the plumbing system.

All you need are:
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • A couple of long zip/cable ties
  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda and either 1 cup of pure vinegar or half a cup of salt.
To start the process, you need the ties to be able to reach down the drain trap and effectively clear the gunk:
  • 1.Remove the drain cover from the upper part of the plug hole. Sometimes this has a screw to release it or it can be prised off carefully.
  • 2. With your hands protected by the rubber gloves, use your fingers to remove the superficial debris from around the plug hole.

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