Keeping Children Safe Around The Home: Here Are A Few Tips

Where babies and children are concerned you just cannot be too careful in keeping them out of harms way. What follows are some of the situations that lead to accidents around the home and the steps you can take to avoid them.

10. Falls off

Babies and toddlers are very susceptible to falling off things, or to put it more accurately, rolling off. If proper safety precautions are not taken then a baby, even when left alone for no more than a few seconds, can roll off the changing mat onto a hard floor. Similarly, a sofa or settee isn't the place to leave a baby either. In fact any raised surface represents potential danger to a baby or small child. Avoid putting a baby in a bouncy harness, carry cot or other similar contraption and then placing it on a table or work surface. It is easy to get distracted and for the baby to end up injured on the floor. Put the child where it will be safe, at ground level, safely strapped into a carrier, chair or swing, possibly within a playpen.

9. Falls over

A floor strewn with toys, shoes, and other items can present a hazard for all of us and particularly for children who are just starting to walk. Keep floors and staircases as clear as possible to avoid any painful falls. Stairs present a challenge for crawling children and toddlers. Baby gates that conform to British Standard BS EN 1930:2011 are a must, and should be fitted properly at both the top and bottom of staircases. Balustrades too are fraught with danger. If the slats are placed two widely it could be possible for a child to squeeze though and fall to the floor below or get stuck. What to parents might once have appeared to be a cool bit of interior design can, in the presence of children, turn into a potential problem that needs to be mitigated by boarding up.

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