Keeping It In The Family With The Adoption Option


A good deed

The story begins in Southern Georgia, USA. with Julia Washington who already had a large family of adopted and birth children. She had already adapted Elijah's three other brothers. She already had her hands full with two children of her own and one of them was special needs and needed a lot of extra care.
Keeping it in the family with the adoption option
Julia soon heard that the youngest brother Elijah was in foster care and she desperately wanted to adopt him too, but she'd no room and simply could not take on another child. It was then she thought about her friend, thirty-one year old Jay Houston who also had adopted children as well as her own, with her husband George. Jay had been adopted herself so had a great compassion and understanding about the importance of trying to keep the boys family together.

Forever family

Jay Houston fell in love with eighteen-month old Elijah after watching a video of him which his foster Mam sent her. Elijah had a naturally sunny disposition. Jay and her husband thought hard about adding further to their already large brood, but the thoughts of the brothers being separated and living thousands of miles apart helped make her decision in the end.
Keeping it in the family with the adoption option
They decided to adopt Elijah and take him home. Now he lives not too far from his other brothers who are only a few blocks away. They may not live in the same house, but it's the same street and at least the boys can maintain relationships and grow up knowing each other. It just goes to show what can happen when caring, compassionate human beings put their heads together to come up with workable solutions.
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