Keeping It In The Family With The Adoption Option


Reasons for adoption

The adoption of babies and children can be a thorny subject not least of all because it raises many aspects of social consideration. Society has come a long way since the archaic 1950's when pregnancy outside of marriage was viewed as a dirty little secret. In Ireland and the UK, young mothers were forced to hand over their babies with little say in whether they would ever see that child again. Because of the archaic laws, religious leanings and societal moral standards, many were forced to give their children away against their will. Lack of moral and practical support, poor financial circumstances and inadequate housing were factors that helped adoptions along. For many mothers, the financial strain and inability to provide a good life for their children is a deciding factor when considering putting up a child for adoption. One way or another, it is a difficult choice to make.

The benefits of adoption

Adoption affects the lives of many people and not just the child in question. A birth mother may not be able to raise a child for many reasons. They may have family problems and can't bring a child into the family home. They may have no job or income or very poor education. They may not have a permanent address or adequate accommodation for them both. They may have a physical or mental illness that impairs their judgement or mobility. Therefore, when an adoption goes ahead it benefits the child, the birth mother and of course the adoptive parents. Likewise, people who adopt children do so for a wide variety of reasons. Many parents can't have children of their own. Some are financially well off and feel they would just like to help another human being. Others adopt extended family members to keep the family together which is what happened in the case of a child called Elijah.
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