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The war in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan was triggered by terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York in September 2001. To this day, the images that dominated our television screens have never left us. Almost 3,000 people lost their lives that day. Some died on impact, some died trying to escape and some perished trying to save others, unsung heroes that never got the chance to be reunited with their loved ones. As we watched in horror, three separate planes slammed into the Pentagon and the twin towers. A fourth, flight 93 was bravely overturned by the passengers. They were people who decided to choose their own fate, rather than risk the deaths of thousands more. Since then, stories about 911 still circulate with more footage, voice mails and last minute communications being reported, and while the war on terror ceased in 2014, the loss of life and limb has continued.

A harrowing tale

While we still think of the 3,000 statistic for loss of life on 911, the toll has quadrupled over the years with the ensuing war. Figures suggest a further 2,300 casualties in the war alone, but many people have died from illnesses directly related to the 911 catastrophe. Those who worked long hours in the rescue and recovery that lasted for weeks have reported a wide range of diseases pertaining to respiratory and heart conditions from inhaling toxic fumes. There's even some evidence to suggest cancerous cells and other deadly virus' that can be linked to that fateful day. Furthermore, there are thousands of civilians who have been wounded and injured with life-long disabilities. For them, the war never ends, especially if there has been loss of vital limbs. However, some people choose to use their afflictions in a positive way, such as the case of twenty-eight year old soldier, Jesse.
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