Kepler 186f - What The Scientists Know Already


The Kepler 186 star

NASA's Kepler space telescope discovered the Kepler 186 star. The star is said to be small when compared to earth and isn't as hot as the sun. This type of star is called a dwarf star and it's situated in the Cygnus constellation. The star has its own planetary system which consists of four other planets. Dwarf stars don't evolve quickly so it's hard for astronomers to pinpoint how old it is, but estimates say at least some billion years. The star is roughly five hundred light years from earth and caused quite a stir in astronomical news as it's so like our own planet earth. While it's not habitable for humans, NASA are very interested in learning more about this solar system and how it works. In their research and quest for more information they have now identified and named all four planets and one of them, The Kepler 186f has some interesting features.

The Kepler 186f planet

Scientists have found that the Kepler 186f, is the planet that most resembles our own planet earth. It's the outer planet that orbits the Kepler 186 system. While little is still known about it, scientists are very excited about the find as their search has always been for planets that look like our own. Finding such a gem makes them speculate and theorize if life can be duplicated elsewhere so any small detail helps build a case study. The planet is said to be the right amount of distance away from the star and this makes the possibility for land water. Scientists may not know much about the planet but they do know that water is essential for any life form to thrive. We can't wait for more details about Kepler 186f. There's always the possibility that it just might be the one planet to answer that age old question; are we alone? We'll just have to wait and see...
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