Kepler 186f - What The Scientists Know Already


What is SETI?

SETI is an organisation dedicated to the pursuit and proof of life forms that exist elsewhere. Formed and run by a bunch of radio astronomers, their mission is to search the universe for evidence that substantiates the claim that we are not alone on planet earth. SETI scientists came up with The Drake Equation; a theory based on scientific calculations regarding probability that life is sustainable elsewhere in the cosmos. SETI and its scientists, are mostly self-funded and they concurrently run programmes which enable telescopes to man the skies and pick up on unusual radio frequencies through advanced telescopic technology. Thanks to organisations like SETI we are learning more and more about our universe.

Are we alone?

No other topic causes more controversy than that pertaining to extra-terrestrial beings and whether they exist or not. Throughout time, and all over the world, sightings of UFO's have been reported in the thousands, with video footage, photographic and even first encounter evidence provided. During the 80's, the ET craze was at its height with hundreds of people coming forward claiming they had been abducted by aliens and to this day it's a subject that holds our fascination and curiosity. While there are just as many scientists claiming they can debunk these sightings and experiences, and explain them by way of a logical conclusion, the human race still wants to believe there is more to this life than meets the eye. Still, no one can doubt that space is still vastly unexplored and astronomers and organisations like SETI and NASA are constantly bringing us new information about new planet systems we never knew existed i.e. the star Kepler 186.
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