Kick The Habit For Good And Flush Out Nicotine With These Health Boosting Foods

Many smokers make the decision to stop their habit, but only a small proportion of those that stay they’ll stub the habit, abstain for long enough to successfully stop smoking once and for all. Some smokers manage to give up their habit on sheer willpower alone, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult to successfully fight off the cravings to spark up another cigarette, whilst clearing your body of harmful toxins amounted from months or years of smoking and nicotine dependency. Nicotine remains in the body for around 8 hours after smoking a cigarette, before finally passing out of the system. Nicotine is most often expelled via urine, although the remaining nicotine that isn’t initially removed from the body remains in the bloodstream for around 2-3 days. Indicators of nicotine and the adverse effects it can cause, can persist in the human body for upwards of 25 days. To ensure complete freedom from smoking, and that your system is free from its reliance on nicotine, a change in diet is often called for, although changes to your lifestyle need not be monumental. It’s easy to straighten your system out with a healthy eating detox, with plenty of everyday foods readily available, well known for their health promoting properties.

1. Vegetables:

If you’re giving up smoking, working a healthy portion of vegetables into your diet is essential to make sure your vitamin and energy levels are at their optimum. Used properly, the right vegetables can help ease symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, and help smokers abstain from resuming their habit. Upping your intake of veggies brings obvious health benefits, but it’s essential to rule out a few suspect foodstuffs if you’re serious about kicking the habit. Vegetables always offer the better option if you’re looking nip nicotine cravings in the bud, generally being rich in fibre and immune system boosting minerals that’ll improve health overall. Meats, sugary foods and beverages, and even sweeter varieties of vegetable have all been known to aggravate cravings for cigarettes. Certain veggies like celery and green beans on the other hand, are known to sour the taste of nicotine, discouraging use and dependence on cigarettes. Establishing the right diet, rich in the right kinds of vegetables, is essential in staving off the most adverse effects of nicotine withdrawal and the cravings that follow. As a general rule, avoid anything sweet and high in natural or artificial sugars.

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