Kitchen Hacks That Will Cut Prep Time In Half!

As much as we wish we could jump right to the final product, preparation is critical to our enjoyment of food. After all, the end product is more than just the sum of it’s ingredients. A cake is a delicious blend of flour, eggs, butter, etc., but take all those ingredients separately and you don’t have much of anything.
Whether you’re needing to chop vegetables or peel of their skins, the end product is worth the trouble, but it ultimately takes time. When someone puts their mind to it, though, they can come up with a better way and that’s just what happened here. Although all these processes are necessary to get to enjoy your food, the time is cut in half, saving you the hassle and allowing you focus on more important things.

Removing Egg Shells

Peeling hard boiled eggs can be a pain, but it doesn’t always have to be. Simply take your egg and place it in a glass jar. Add about a 1/4 of water to the jar with the egg inside and shake.
Bouncing off the sides of the jar, the eggshell will begin to crack and peel away.
The water inside will help with this job and keep the egg free of small bits of shell. Once the egg is out of the jar, what’s left of the shell should come right off, simple and easy.

Peeling Garlic

Much like the solution to peeling a hard boiled egg, peeling a bulb of garlic is just as simple. Place a whole bulb of garlic inside a small to medium sized glass jar. Shake the jar vigorously and you’ll start to see the outside peel slowly break apart and flake off. Once it’s sufficiently broken apart, dump out the contents. You’ll notice the peel has separated and the cloves remain. Put the cloves back in and repeat the same process. Doing this will even remove the peel from each individual clove without the mess up hand peeling.

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